William Carvalho and Cristiano Ronaldo

William Carvalho believes Real Madrid is feeling the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese international and Real Betis midfielder William Carvalho believes that the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo is still felt quite strongly at the Real Madrid squad. Besides, the La Liga star also admitted that he would not have sold the Juventus star even as high as €200 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portuguese teammate also suggested that no one can put the selling price of the legend and calls his transfer to Serie A side Juventus as a big mistake for Real Madrid. And this remark came from his international teammate right after Jasmine Lennard called Cristiano Ronaldo a ‘psychopath’.

William Carvalho and Cristiano Ronaldo in the Portuguese Squad

William Carvalho believes Real Madrid is feeling the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese star started trending on social media right after Lennard accused him of being a horrific ex-boyfriend. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal team confirmed that they will take legal action against Jasmine Lennard. Besides, the Juventus coach also expressed his support to Cristiano Ronaldo.

While talking about Cristiano Ronaldo, William Carvalho told Marca “Of course, Cristiano is needed in any team in the world and in Real Madrid they notice a little bit, not much, the goals that Cristiano scored,” and added “But now he’s fine, he’s good in Juventus and he’ll score many goals there.”

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He then said “It is difficult to know [why he left], I do not know what happened, but I know how Cristiano is, he has an ambition the size of the world, he wants to always do things well and show that he is the best,” and added “I would not have sold him for €100 million. Not for €200 million, no.”

William Carvalho said “Madrid have a team with great quality, top players who make a difference in a second, we have to be attentive and focused,” and then further added “It will be a difficult match, but we play at home, the fans will be on our side and I think we will have the ball, to control the game, as we always do.”