Madrid legend Clarence Seedorf

Real Madrid legend Clarence Seedorf declares Cristiano Ronaldo as the ‘King of Madrid’

While analyzing the last decade of Los Blancos, Real Madrid legend Clarence Seedorf declares The Portuguese international as the true king of Madrid. Besides, he also insisted that the departure of Zinedine Zidane as the manager of the side heavily influenced the overall performance of the Spanish club.

It is not the first time any former legend noted the contribution of the Portuguese forward during his time at Madrid. Previously, William Carvalho stated Real Madrid is feeling the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo. And, each of the football pundits also believes that the performance of the club heavily deteriorated since the departure of Ronaldo.

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While addressing the recent crisis of Real Madrid, former footballer Clarence Seedorf told Marca, “Cristiano was considered a king in Madrid and he guaranteed goals for the team.” He added, “If Cristiano was still in the team then Los Blancos would have more confidence in themselves, but I don’t believe the results would have been so different.”

The former Los Blancos then talked about the impact of Zidane’s departure while saying, “It’s likely that the exit of Zidane has had a far greater impact because the way of working has changed. Whoever had replaced him would have needed to do a special job in order to have immediate success and overcome the inevitable initial difficulties.”

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He said, “It’s always difficult to know exactly what is happening internally when looking from the outside.” The star then further added “Isco is for sure a very important player and he’s one of the footballers I would put on the pitch if I had the chance to coach him. At the same time, all important players go through difficult times and it’s the coach’s job to help the individual recover from either a physical or mental perspective.”

Clarence Seedorf said, “Solari isn’t crazy enough to leave out a player without having a good reason.” The football legend then added “I consider Real Madrid my home and, to be honest, I would have accepted the job. There were contacts but the decision was made to go in a different direction. I’m young, so I hope to return in the future.”