Tomas Satoransky compares LeBron James with Cristiano Ronaldo

NBA star Tomas Satoransky compares LeBron James with Cristiano Ronaldo

The Washington Wizards’ point guard Tomas Satoransky compares the talent of LeBron James with the footballing legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Besides, he also labeled Kobe Bryant as the ‘Lionel Messi’ of NBA. This remark came right after Cristiano Ronaldo won his first trophy with Juventus and flaunted it with Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

Satoransky, along with his whole Washington Wizards team, is now in England to face New York Knicks in their NBA London Game 2019. While talking about his favorite player, the NBA star named Lionel Messi. As a surprising fact, Satoransky played for Barcelona’s basketball team during his early career before joining NBA.

Cristiano Ronaldo showing the Supercoppa Italiana trophy

While talking about his favorite, Tomas Satoransky said “Am I Team Messi or Team Ronaldo? I’m Team Messi!” He said “If I had to name a ‘Messi of basketball’, it would be Kobe Bryant,” and then added, “I would probably call LeBron James more like a Cristiano Ronaldo because of how physically dominant he is.” The NBA star then also added, “But I would say Messi is more like a Kobe Bryant.”

Satoransky also recalled his Barcelona days and said “I remember the fans waiting for the Barcelona soccer players. We would come along and the fans would be like: ‘We don’t want them!’ He then added “But it was like a real family there at Barcelona. Neymar and Pique are huge basketball fans. Pique was at a couple of games, too.”

Tomas Satoransky playing in the Barcelona jersey

The point guard said “I always pay attention to footballers who come over from Europe and I followed the career of Wayne Rooney when he was in the Premier League, before he came to Washington,” and added “It’s great for MLS and American soccer fans that they get to watch players like Rooney. It’s become more and more fashionable for such stars since David Beckham played for the LA Galaxy.”

Tomas Satoransky said “We have had an NBA game in London for so many years in a row. They love basketball in the UK and their league is developing well,” and then added “The UK fans are great and when you see all the stars from the Premier League sitting courtside for the game, it’s clear it has a big impact. A lot of my friends from Europe are trying to come over to watch the game, too.”