Leicester City vs Fulham Highlights and Goals

Leicester City vs Fulham Highlights and Goals | Foxes defeated their Premier League opponent by a marvelous 3-1 score

The foxes achieved a great 3-1 victory in the Leicester City vs Fulham Premier League match last night. And with that win, they are now holding the 10th place of the English domestic league with 38 points in 30 matches. In this season till now, they have secured 11 wins and faced 14 losses with 5 draws.

Youri Tielemans scored the first goal for Leicester City in the 21st minute of the match. After a goalless first-half, Floyd Ayite scored the equalizer for Fulham in the 51st minute. Jamie Vardy then scored the second goal for the Foxes in the 78th minute followed by his brace in the 86th minute that finally sealed the 3-1 victory for Leicester.

Leicester City vs Fulham Full Highlights

While talking about the match-winning performance of Jamie Vardy, Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers said, “I care for him because he is an absolutely top-class striker.” He then further added, “I think the first goal we scored tells you everything because he is clean through for his 100th goal and he squares for Tielemans, who is getting into the box.”

The manager said, “That tells you everything about how unselfish he is and what a team player he is. I am very happy he is here because my teams always have a striker at the top who can press and understand the game.” He then also added, “What has surprised me since I arrived is he is tactically very good and understands to start the press. He is a wonderful striker and scored two wonderful goals.”

Leicester City vs Fulham Final Score

While talking about the technique, Brendan Rodgers said, “I always like the players to be within 10 to 15 metres of each other.” He further added, “When the attacking players try what I am asking them to do and it breaks down there are players close enough to then go and win the ball back and counter press the game.”

The Leicester City manager said, “You have Jamie up there but then you have the two attacking midfield players up there and the wingers to support them.” He added, “When you have the potential these young guys have then it can be exciting. The guys connected the game well at times. With a lot more work and ideas then that will improve.”