Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus touches new height of success after Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer

The reigning Serie A champion not only just touched the new mark of gameplay but also touches new milestones in terms of their fan-base after the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of the 2018-19 football season. While his former club Real Madrid is now facing a steep drop of their dedicated fanbase, the Italian side is gaining more and more trust from the football world.

Not only just the quality of gameplay improved after the inclusion of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Bianconeri squad but the club has also witnessed a rise of their dedicated fanbase in the 2018-19 season. Besides, anyone can also feel the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo effect’ right in the YouTube channel of the Italian league Serie A.

The CR7 effect on the YouTube channel of Serie A

Juventus touches new height

The total number of subscribers in the official YouTube channel of Serie A jumped from 675 thousand to 1.94 million in a matter of few months after the joining of Cristiano Ronaldo. Besides the 187% growth in the subscriber base, the channel has also witnessed a 137% growth in total views as it jumped from 192.6 million to 456.6 million since the joining of the Portuguese star.

Where just 7 of their videos has touched the ‘1 million’ mark since 2012, 32 videos already reached that milestone till the midseason of 2018-19, and it is a ‘Cristiano Ronaldo effect’, indeed! And not only that, the most watched video of the Serie A channel previously had just 1.3 million impression which jumped to 11 million now.

Most-watched video of Serie A with 11 million views

Not only just the YouTube channel of Serie A but also the personal social media profiles of Cristiano Ronaldo are now the hot topics of the football world. He recently created a sensation in social media after he shared a family workout video with his son and girlfriend on Instagram. Besides, his amazing snap with boxer Anthony Joshua made also made a buzz in social platforms.

Although he missed the Ballon d’Or this year to his former Real Madrid teammate Luka Modric, Cristiano Ronaldo successfully bagged the POTY trophy at the Globe Soccer award. And it is now expected that he will return to the football action in the upcoming Coppa Italia match of Juventus against Bologna this Sunday.