Ian Rush believes Aaron Ramsey

Ian Rush believes Aaron Ramsey will be ‘fantastic’ beside Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus

The Arsenal midfielder is expected to join the star-studded squad of Juventus later this season. And, his former Wales teammate Ian Rush believes Aaron Ramsey will be a great choice for the Italian champions besides ‘special’ Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the recent media reports, the Turin club already offered Ramsey a five-year deal.

Besides Aaron Ramsey, Cristiano Ronaldo wants James Rodrigues to play beside him at the Italian club. Moreover, he expressed a few days ago that he wants Marcelo to play at his club. And now, Ian Rush also believes that Aaron Ramsey will take the best decision of his life if he agrees to join the star-studded squad of Juventus.

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While talking about the possible move of Aaron Ramsey, Ian Rush told ESPN FC, “I think [Juventus] is a fantastic move for him,” and added, “When I went there it was an industrial city but it’s come on a million times better since I was there.” He said “I think Juventus are an amazing club. They’ve still got connections with the Agnelli family, Andrea Agnelli is the president there and Gianni Agnelli was the owner when I was there. So they are very passionate about it.”

The former Wales star said “I think he’d do really well, you’ve got Ronaldo there to play with and all that, so that’s something special. But I think Aaron will be something special for Juventus and I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.” He then further added “Times have changed. When I was there I had to do everything myself,” Rush added.”

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The former Juventus star also said, “Now it’s moved on that much that everything is done for them and the most important thing for him is to concentrate on his football, his attacking play and all that.” He then added “He’ll learn the language when he’s ready and that’s what it’s all about. He’s got six months to learn it, I had 12 months as well.”

Ian Rush said “The most important thing in Italy is you have to be confident in what you do. If I went to Italy now, I would tell them: ‘I’m Ian Rush, I’m the best footballer in the world.’” He then further added, “First impressions [are] a big thing in Italy and I would say to Aaron: ‘Go there, be confident and tell them how good you are’ and all that, give them one sentence in Italian and his first impression that will be job done for him.”