Gary Neville compares Anthony Martial to Cristiano Ronaldo

Gary Neville compares Anthony Martial to Cristiano Ronaldo after his magical goal

Anthony Martial scored a brilliant 23rd-minute goal for Manchester United against their Premier League rival Fulham last night. And, the Old Trafford legend Gary Neville compares the French forward with the Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo for that spectacular strike. Besides Martial, Paul Pogba also scored a brace to seal the 3-0 win against the Cottagers.

Besides scoring, the French youngster also provided the assist to Pogba to score his opener last night. And, it seems the whole Red Devils team is currently in great shape under their interim coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo is having a tough time as his mother is again diagnosed with cancer.

Anthony Martial’s goal against Fulham

Right after Anthony Martial scored his brilliance while dodging past the challenges from Denis Odoi, Maxime Le Marchand, and Sergio Rico, Gary Neville said during his commentary on Sky Sports, “Magic from Martial.” The former Red Devils legend added, “He’s been a threat in the first 20 minutes like you wouldn’t believe.”

He said, “I remember Cristiano Ronaldo scoring a goal over the far side some years ago that wasn’t too dissimilar.” The star then compared that goal with the score of Anthony Martial and said, “This is equally as brilliant.” The former star then concluded, “It’s put Manchester United into a fantastic position.”

Cristiano Ronaldo with the CR7 Fragrance

In his Transfer Talk podcast, Gary Neville previously said “How important has Martial’s contract signing been? Oh, hugely. Absolutely huge. It’s not unfair to say he was shackled under Jose Mourinho.” The former footballer then added “All you have to do is look at average position stats and you can see how much further back he was and, in some games, he was like an auxiliary left-back. That’s how far back he was.”

He said “It pained United fans to see it and as Solskjaer alluded to, this is one of the best-attacking talents that United have had since Cristiano Ronaldo,” and added, “That’s how important he is and he’s not without his faults of course.” Neville then said, “He’s only a young player but he still has much to learn but given the right guidance and more importantly, the freedom to utilize his talents, then we could really be seeing the start of something.”