Former Real Madrid coach believes Gareth Bale needs to copy what Cristiano Ronaldo does

Former Real Madrid coach believes Gareth Bale needs to copy what Cristiano Ronaldo does

Former Real Madrid coach and Wales’ ex-manager John Toshack declared Gareth Bale as one of the best players in the world, although he strongly believes the Real Madrid winger needs to copy what Cristiano Ronaldo previously did at the club. The former boss also believes that Bale needs to alter his gameplay a little to become more productive for Los Blancos.

Right after the excellent start of his career at the Santiago Bernabeu as one of the costliest signing, Gareth Bale faded quite significantly. However, he helped his side to win four UEFA Champions Leagues. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo is maintaining his same glory as he recently won the Globe Soccer Award in Dubai.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his former Real Madrid teammate Gareth Bale

The Portuguese star recently flaunted his first Supercoppa Italiana trophy with Floyd Mayweather. And on the other hand, John Toshack advised Bale to follow him. While talking about the legend, Toshack said “Cristiano plays as a winger, scores and sets up goals for the others,” and added “There’s no doubt that Gareth is one of the best players of all time. If he wants to continue there, he should try and copy what Cristiano does.”

The former coach said, “If you look at what he’s achieved, it makes you wonder what he would have done if he hadn’t been so unlucky with injuries.” He then talked about Bale and said, “So, obviously, with the experience he has, maybe he can drop off a little and play short balls, drop deeper and read the game more.”

Cristiano Ronaldo showing his great mood

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He said “I hope that he goes on to do more than he’s done so far, because when you come back from an injury, you know that you have to start all over again,” and then further added “As for getting back to full fitness, he’s got to do that all over again and it’s something he’s had to do two or three times every season which sets him back.”

John Toshack said “It’s been very difficult for him and, as I say, he deserves credit for the way he’s persevered,” and added “What we could never have really imagined were the injury problems he’s had. I mean he’s lost almost as many games as he’s played and clearly that’s hampered his progress a little bit.”

The performance of Cristiano Ronaldo-Gareth Bale duo