Cristiano Ronaldo's mother is fighting for life

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother is fighting for life following her breast cancer diagnosis

The Juventus talisman’s mother is fighting for life following her diagnosis of breast cancer and is now undergoing radiotherapy. The 64-year-old mom Maria Dolores Aveiro previously had her lump removed in 2007 during Cristiano Ronaldo’s time with the Premier League side Manchester United. But, she now revealed that she is again fighting with the disease following a relapse.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mom first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. But now, she confessed that she is again suffering that life-threatening disease. The news came public before she took a trip to Italy to join Cristiano Ronaldo’s 34th birthday. In a recent interview, the mum-of-four admitted that she is again fighting to get rid of cancer.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his mother

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In an interview with a Portuguese TV station, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro said, “I was operated on another breast in Madrid, I’ve had radiotherapy and now I’m fighting for my life.” She also gave a stark reply to Cristiano’s rape accuser Kathryn Mayorga and said “I have confidence in my son when it comes to what happened. When she went there, it wasn’t to play cards. It was to do something.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother expressed her confidence in her son and said, “I know the son I have.” She then denied giving more information about her second and most recent operation while saying “No-one knows about the second one.” Dolores previously went through a successful course of radiotherapy and is now in anti-cancer drugs to fight with the disease.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his family

Following her successful treatment, Cristiano Ronaldo donated £100,000 to the hospital that treated her mother. He gave that to make a cancer center in the central hospital in the island’s capital Funchal, his birthplace. It is now also rumored that Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother is again undergoing the treatment on that same hospital.

The director of the cancer charity, Isabel Aguiar, previously confirmed the donation of Cristiano Ronaldo and said, “I believe he made the gift because of his mother Dolores.” She added, “It is the first donation he has given us. We were expecting it because he told us at the end of last year that he would do it.” She further said, “We are going to build a small center in the garden of the Hospital Central, to give support to cancer patients.”