Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez accused of being ‘shameless’

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez accused of being ‘shameless’ following her father’s death

The Portuguese International’s partner Georgina Rodriguez accused of being ‘shameless’ for not telling her family that her father was close to death. Georgina’s father, Jorge Eduardo, recently died on 31st January in his native Argentina following a long battle against physical problems. The 70-year-old man reportedly took his last breath in the absence of his family.

According to the inside reports, Jorge Eduardo had suffered several physical complications related to stroke. He was severely ill since the last two and a half year and his condition deteriorated extremely in last few months. And now, Georgina Rodriguez’s aunt slammed the model for not warning the rest of their family about the health condition of Eduardo.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez

Right after the death of Georgina Rodriguez’s father, her aunt gave a telephonic interview in a Spanish TV channel Telecinco’s program called ‘Socialite’. On that program, she heavily accused Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend for not maintaining a good relationship with her parental family. She also accused her for not telling anyone about her father’s condition.

She said “The whole world is going to find out what kind of girl she is and how shameless she is. She had to make the gesture of calling her uncle and telling him that he [Jorge] had days, hours or minutes left.” The lady then added “He would have caught a flight and gone, because to him he was like a father. At least say your father has died. You don’t do that in secret like they did it.”

Georgina Rodriguez in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

It seems Cristiano Ronaldo is not having a great time since the starting of this year. First, he paid $20 million fine for his tax evasion case in Spain, and then, her girlfriend’s father died. Moreover, Jasmine Lennard also recently called him a ‘psychopath’. However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal team also took necessary actions against those accusations.

According to the local media report, Georgina Rodriguez is not having a great relationship with her family now.  Her aunt recently stated that she even refused to take their calls after her grandmother jokingly said “You’re with a millionaire footballer. Let’s see if you’ll send me a thousand euros.”