Cristiano Ronaldo reveals his fitness secret

Cristiano Ronaldo’s fitness secret to have a biological age of just 23

The 33-year-old Juventus forward is not showing any signs of slowing down as he claims that he has a biological age of just 23. The Portuguese football legend also claims that he will play with his full speed and power till his 40s. The 6 feet 2 inches star is definitely one of the most physically dominant sportsmen ever to be born in this plant. He is lightning fast and super strong, and now, he shares his fitness secret.

While talking about the unmatched balance of his age and his performance, Cristiano Ronaldo said: “Right now I have a biological age of 23.” The Portuguese star then also said “I’ve still got a long time left, I can keep playing until I’m 41,” and then further added, “I’m feeling good, happy, I can’t complain.”

But, this super physique and inhumane strength even at this age is not something that came without any hard work. It is the result of his dedication to the gym and to maintain a strict diet without gaining a single more fat cell that he requires. Cristiano Ronaldo now follows a Pilates-based routine and mainly concentrates on strengthening his core.

He trains extremely hard before the match, although the post-game exercise is also the main part of his routine. When other stars sit at home enjoying their victory, Cristiano Ronaldo spends most of his time taking care of his chiseled body at the gym. He often opts for a swimming after Juventus game alongside his son Cristiano Ronaldo junior.

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The fitness secret of Cristiano Ronaldo

Besides his gym, Cristiano Ronaldo also has a Cryotherapy chamber, a secret ingredient of his unimaginable muscle regeneration. He first came to know about this £50,000 equipment after Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery achieved a great benefit from that piece way back in 2013. The liquid nitrogen instantly freezes Cristiano Ronaldo’s body to upto minus 200 degrees Celsius while standing in the Cryotherapy chamber.

That extreme freezing helps Cristiano Ronaldo to get rid of any kind of muscle soreness, swelling, and inflammation. He also regularly opts for ‘hot & cold’ bath for quicker muscle regeneration. Besides following a strict gym regime, sleep and relaxing is also a core part of his fitness program which helps him to get his desired recovery.

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While talking about the balance between workout and relax, Cristiano Ronaldo said “Mental strength is just as important as physical strength,” and then added, “Training and physical sessions are most important, but living a relaxed lifestyle helps you to be the best you can be, physically and mentally.”

The Portuguese star then further said “I spend my free time with family and friends, which keeps me relaxed and in a positive mindset,” and added, “Proper sleep is really important for getting the most out of training.” The Juventus forward also once said “I go to bed early and get up early, especially before matches. Sleep helps muscles recover which is really important.”

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He also shares the secret of his own workout as he said “Fit in exercise wherever you can,” and added, “You can do an abs workout in your bedroom when you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed.” The Portuguese legend also expressed “If you get into a routine then it makes it easier as it will become a habit.”

Cristiano Ronaldo shared his skinny to superfit journey while saying “I remember the first time I heard one of the kids say to another kid, ‘Did you see what he did? This guy is a beast’,” and then added, “I started hearing it all the time.” The star said “Even from the coaches. But then somebody would always say, ‘Yeah but it’s a shame he’s so small.’”

He then admits “It’s true, I was skinny. I had no muscle. So I made a decision at 11. I knew I had a lot of talent, but I decided that I was going to work harder than everybody,” and added, “I started sneaking out of the dormitory at night to go work out. I got bigger and faster.” He also said, “I would walk onto the field, and the people who used to whisper, ‘Yeah, but he’s so skinny,’ now they would be looking at me like it was the end of the world.”

While talking about his diet, the Portuguese legend said “I eat a high protein diet, with lots of wholegrain carbs, fruit and vegetables, and avoid sugary food,” and added “Eat regularly. If you train regularly it’s important to keep energy levels high to fuel your body for better performance.” He also said I sometimes eat up to six smaller meals a day to make sure I have enough energy to perform each session at top level.”

Besides Cristiano Ronaldo himself, Portuguese national team chef Luis Lavrador also gave an insight report of his diet as he said: “Ronaldo eats all sorts of dishes, as the responsible athlete he is, but the one he likes the most is fish like gilt-head bream, swordfish and sea bass.”