Cristiano Ronaldo will take ‘appropriate legal action’ against Jasmine Lennard

Cristiano Ronaldo will take ‘appropriate legal action’ against Jasmine Lennard following her Twitter rant

English actress and model Jasmine Lennard took the social media into storm last night after she posted her story of emotion abuse and threats by Portuguese international Cristiano Ronaldo. Besides a series of now-deleted tweets, the reality TV star also accused Ronaldo for being ‘a psychopath’.

Jasmine Lennard, in her tweets, also pledged to assist Kathryn Mayorga who recently has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of rape. She said “I am reaching out to Kathryn Mayorga and her legal team to offer my assistance in her rape allegation against @Cristiano please contact me. I have information that I believe will be beneficial to your case and I would like to help you.”

Jasmine Lennard’s tweets against Cristiano Ronaldo

Jasmine Lennard tweets

Cristiano Ronaldo recently denied the claims of Kathryn Mayorga for raping her during his holiday time at Las Vegas. However, Las Vegas police request the DNA sample of Cristiano Ronaldo today following the allegation. And amid all this, Jasmine Lennard alleged that she dated the Juventus star ten years ago and faced emotional abuse and threats.

Jasmine Lennard posted last night “I’m not sitting back any longer and watching him lie. I am going to do everything I can to help her. I have messages and recordings that’ll be invaluable to Kathryn and her team in showing his true nature.” She also added “There is nothing in this life that I hate more than bullies. People who abuse their positions of power and bully people who don’t have the capacity to defend themselves.”

Jasmine Lennard’s allegation against Ronaldo

Jasmine Lennard's tweets against Cristiano Ronaldo

While talking to, Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal team said “Mr. Ronaldo has no specific recollection of meeting Ms. Lennard 10 years ago or at any point. He has not had a relationship with her and he has not had any contact with her, whether in the last 18 months as Ms. Lennard suggests, or otherwise.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s legal team also denied the claims of Jasmine Lennard having the voice notes of the Portuguese football star and said “The voice notes posted by Ms Lennard on social media are not of Mr Ronaldo. Mr Ronaldo will take appropriate legal action in due course.”