Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 20th Juventus goal against Sassuolo to continue his Italian record

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 20th Juventus goal against Sassuolo to continue his Italian record

The Portuguese international showed his consistency since the very first match in Serie A following his transfer from Real Madrid. And now, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 20th Juventus goal against their Italian league rival Sassuolo last night. It is now clear that he shows no sign of slowing down and is ready to win the Bianconeri boys a new trophy this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo made a significant impact since his joining as he already secured the Supercoppa Italiana with Juventus. And with his goal last night, he touched the record for scoring more than 20 goals in each of his last 13 seasons. That feat also depicts that the Portuguese legend is maintaining an astonishing level of consistency since his time at Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo at his peak form against Sassuolo

While talking about Cristiano Ronaldo and the Juventus squad, their coach Massimiliano Allegri said “I compliment the team for a clean sheet, which is very important. We’re in good shape.” He added, “Ronaldo and Dybala can certainly play together and they will do, but we need everyone to work hard in order to keep the team balanced.”

The manager added “It all depends on who you are playing against. If the opponents are really clammed up, you need to pass around them. If they leave gaps, you pass between the lines.” He then also talked about his techniques and said, “Sassuolo have a strong midfield, so I had to balance my team that way.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s brilliant header

He said, “Players are disappointed, but every now and then sitting on the bench is necessary to recharge the batteries and rediscover the right mental toughness.” The manager then further added “Different players have different characteristics. Dybala is playing the same role as he did last year and the year before.”

Massimiliano Allegri said “It’s just having Ronaldo, who is more of a striker, we need someone to find the space. We still need bodies in the box.” He added “You can play Dybala and Ronaldo, it just depends on the situations. Ronaldo played with Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale, so it’s not like they’re insane at Real Madrid.” The manager further added “Everyone needs the right partner. Mario Mandzukic is very helpful for Dybala and for Ronaldo.”

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