Cristiano Ronaldo is not happy with the draw of Juventus against Parma

Cristiano Ronaldo is not happy with the draw of Juventus against Parma

The Juventus forward scored a brilliant brace last night, although his team ended up in a 3-3 draw against their Serie A rival Parma. It seems Cristiano Ronaldo is not happy about what is going on since the start of this year. He first missed a penalty against Chievo and then faced a huge $20 million fine due to his tax evasion case.

Besides, he is also fighting his battle against his rape allegation. However, he scored a spectacular brace last night while putting Juventus on a 3-1 lead. But, a late brace from Gervinho secured the draw of Parma at the Allianz Stadium. And, the 33-year-old Portuguese international is not at all happy with his team’s performance.

Juventus vs Parma | Match Highlights

He showed clear frustration after the tragic result of Juventus last night. While talking about their performance against Parma, Cristiano Ronaldo said “I’m happy about the goals but not the result. This is football,” and then further added, “We dropped back in the final few minutes and Parma capitalized on our mistakes.”

The Juventus star also talked about their previous results and said “I don’t think the last few results are because of our heavy workload. We’re relaxed and not worried.” The five-time Ballon d’Or awardee then added, “We’re confident in the ability of this team and its technical quality, as well as the coach and the staff.”

Juventus ended up in a draw against Parma

On the other hand, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri also expressed his frustration and said “It was the first time this back four had played together and we didn’t help the center-backs, always leaving them in one-on-one situations,” and added “They need to realize there is no shame in hoofing the ball into the stands if needs be.”

The Juventus coach then said, “At least we gave those who complained we weren’t entertaining enough something to enjoy.” He said “Beautiful football doesn’t [always] pay off, at the end of the day you’ve got to just kick it away from your goal,” and further added “It was conceptually the wrong thing to try to keep that in play. Just kick it out.”